Meet Spark in 60 by IDSA NYC

You are enjoying a smattering of unique insights and experiences from the New York creative community. Each sixty second sound bite is a window to something truly inspirational, profound or just plain fun. Throughout this exploration we uncovered wonderful original thinking and remarkable experiences. Spark in 60 exists to cross-pollinate inspiration to people everywhere.

The project started in the spring of 2012 by capturing interview “Sparks” with a wide array of creative talent in NYC. We made the decision to capture these interviews with a smart phone because of 2 reasons: 1) It facilitates a casual atmosphere. 2) Taking stills is fast and agile. These two factors allow us to interview people anywhere and share their own unique perspective or inspiration. It also enables crowd sourcing opportunities. Stay tuned..

The music is taken from the Internet Archive archive.org, using an array of 78 recordings from the 1930's.


The Industrial Designers Society of America – New York City Chapter is the architect for Spark in 60. We provide education, networking opportunities, professional growth, inspiration, and resources for designers in New York City. We aim to innovate, lead and create a supportive community that allows design professionals, educators and students to achieve excellence for themselves and their organizations. To learn more go to www.idsanyc.org.

Founders of Spark in 60, Sean Ferry (Media Outreach, IDSA NYC) and Adam Wendel (President, IDSA NYC) are obsessed with connecting the New York creative community. Sean's Background in documentary film production and video prototyping has placed him in a position to uniquely understand design and process. Adam, a strategic industrial designer, has profound involvement creating meaningful and memorable product experiences for fortune 500 brands. Together, they look forward to expanding Spark in 60 to anyone who has a Spark to share.